Resolutions or Revolutions? (Nah, just Plain Goals)


First off, let me say to all, Happy New Year. Now comes the fun part. Are you making any resolutions? Let me say I prefer to set goals. If you want to call them resolutions, that’s fine too. I just have never been real big on making resolutions for the New Year. Sometimes those seem more like a revolution in your life. Me, I’m getting older, so I have to say I’m kind of set in my ways. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong. I do have things that I want to accomplish this year. It’s just my world isn’t going to stop spinning if they don’t happen. This has been my view of New Year’s resolutions for some time. I’ve made life altering resolutions before and when they didn’t happen, nothing went wrong in my world. So instead of resolutions, I’m going to share with you a few of my goals for 2020.

First Goal: Bring some organization and just a general clean up to my shop. If you saw my shop right now you’d wonder how I ever got anything done. I need to be able to put things in their place. Unfortunately, that can’t happen till I get walls and insulation up. I have cabinets to put up on the walls but right now they are sitting on the floor, taking up space. So this is a big goal for 2020.

Second Goal: Being more productive, in general. This can mean in the shop or just in my life. With the RA, my life can revolve around fatigue brought on by the disease. It’s not a fun thing to deal with but I’ve got to get myself a kick in the rear end. If I don’t do it, who else can. While the disease was not my fault, how I handle the struggles it brings, is my responsibility. I won’t sit back and feel sorry for myself. Sometimes it would be easy to throw myself a “Pity Party” but I won’t allow it.

Third goal: Write more. I started this blog because I like to write and tell a story. Last year, I’ve had a few lapses in my writing. I would like to remedy that right from the start of the year. I have other opportunities to write, I just have to do it. And that is my intention.

Fourth Goal: Teach more. Over the last couple of years I have been involved in teaching at the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild. The bulk of it has been helping out with the Basic Woodworking class. But I have also taught a couple of classes on Building a Workbench and Building a Six-Board Chest. I found these to be rewarding experiences. I look forward to more such experiences.

And the final goal is to prepare myself for the future. Let’s face it. None of us want to work the 9 to 5 gig forever. I’m 61 years old and the idea of Social Security is within sight. So it’s time for me to put some effort into preparing for that inevitability. As I’ve heard it said recently, in regards to Tom Brady, Father Time is undefeated. So I’ve got to do the best I can to prepare for it. Granted I wish I had done that years ago but hindsight is always 20/20.

So what are your resolutions? Are they life altering? Just remember that the world won’t end if you don’t succeed this year. There’s always next year…

Till next time.


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