It’s been a pretty eventful last couple of months, here in Kansas City. Our Chiefs came from behind in three straight games to win the NFL Championship. That kept, most of us, on the edge of our seats. But when it was all over the town celebrated like it was 2015. The only exception was everything was RED instead of BLUE. Of course, I’m referring back to our Royals victory in the 2015 World Series. Of course, don’t let me forget, our soccer team, Sporting KC, won the MLS Cup in 2013. Exciting times were had by all.

But while all of this was great, life has a way of changing everything when you don’t want it to. One thing I haven’t written much about is dealing with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has a bad habit of screwing with my life in the most inopportune times. And recently has been one of those times.

Most of the time, you would never know I have Rheumatoid Disease, unless you noticed my hands. The biologic drug that I get monthly infusions of, keeps me mobile with little issues, except one. It suppresses my immune system making me vulnerable to all sorts of bugs. This is mostly a problem for me during cold and flu season. I always make sure that I get the recommended flu shot for that year. But it’s not always enough. I usually end up with a cold that leads to a sinus infection, which leads to bronchitis, which leads to holding my infusions until everything has run its course. The result of this is pain and stiffness along with the loss of shop time. The pain and stiffness I can deal with, mostly. I mean I’ve always got some of it but right now it’s a bit more intense.

What I really hate, is missing out on shop time. My shop time is therapeutic for me. It’s my time away from life and to be alone with my thoughts. But when I’m unable to have my infusion the pain becomes fatigue and I just don’t have the energy to enjoy my time in the shop.

This may sound like all I’m doing is complaining. I’m sorry. It wasn’t meant to be. It was meant to be an explanation to some of what a person with Rheumatoid Disease goes thru. We may look normal but underneath life’s a pain, literally. So if you know someone who is struggling with Rheumatoid Disease be kind. While they may look okay they may be dealing with a whole lot more than you know.

Thus ends my little rant. Please don’t take it personally. My next post will hopefully be more upbeat with more woodworking excitement or a reasonable facsimile.



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