Woodworking in a time of COVID-19

 My apologies to author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, (Love in the Time of Cholera), but the title seemed appropriate for this time in history. I suspect there will be a great many projects turned out over the next few months by my woodworking brethren, out there. Here in Kansas City, we’re under a “Stay-Home” order until at least April 24th. Unless your job is deemed essential, you are to stay home. My job was not deemed as such. So I’m at home watching TV and working on a long list of things I had been putting off for far too long.

Unfortunately, my other woodworking home, the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild, was also forced to close until this passes. So those who have a home shop are forced to work at home. The unfortunate ones who use the Guild’s shop are left out to suffer this closure. While I have my own shop, my path is still complicated. About a month back I started the task of finally putting up fiberglass insulation and walls. I was due to go to the BIG Orange Box Store and purchase more insulation, but I got sidetracked, again. My shop is a bigger mess than before. I’m told that Home Centers and Hardware stores are considered essential. But that doesn’t help me much. If you read my last post, you’d know I’m one of those lucky people with the suppressed immune systems and I’m over 60. So I’m not taking any chances.

So I’ve been working on a few things that I can work on in the house. I have a little corner of the basement where I can do some things. Right now I’m finishing up the restoration of an antique walnut medicine cabinet that the wife and I picked up a few years ago. It was probably close to 20 years ago, so I’m a bit overdue. When I finish the cabinet, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be starting on finishing up my mother-in-law’s antique Singer sewing machine, for my wife. Then there’s the antique Gentleman’s Dresser, the antique pie safe, and the antique jelly cupboard. As you can see, I have enough to keep me occupied. I’m sure I’m not the only guy that is paying for the “I’ll do it when I have more time” line. Brothers, I feel your pain.

But, before I wrap up this post, I want to say a little something about the real heroes out there. Those that face the COVID-19 virus head on everyday, our health care workers and first responders. Their sacrifice can’t go unrecognized. While my wife has retired after 40 years as a nurse, my daughter, Amy, is out there taking care of patients during this difficult time. She has to change her clothes and wash them before going into her house to see her children. She is just one of thousands, across the country that is on the front lines for your well being. So keep them all in your prayers and don’t forget to Social Distance.


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